How to Write a Letter to the Editor

wle18 Not necessarily you have to be a journalist to get your writings published in the newspaper. You can always do freelancing and contribute your reports and articles on various issues.

Even if you don’t have that much time to write for a newspaper on a regular basis, you still have a chance to publish your writing on the paper by sending letters to the Editor. The section “Letters to the Editor” is a must in every newspaper and anyone can write letters to this section.

Not necessarily all the letters are published in the paper. Due to space limit, only a few letters are published. So you have to keep some points in mind to get your letters published. Check out the tips below. These will certainly help you.

1. While writing a letter to the Editor, you have to keep the letter short and tight. Don’t make the letter too long as newspapers have space limits. So try to make it information packed and tight.

2. You have to be neutral while writing the letter. You should only express your opinion without taking side of any individual or any organization. Never insult anyone in your letter and also avoid taking names of individuals to avoid conspiracies.

3. You must give a heading to the letter mentioning the topic on which you are writing. Try to give a catchy heading and it should reflect the inner context to make the articles interesting and attractive.

4. After writing the letter you must carefully check it once again and review it. Correct all the silly mistakes spelling error and make the letter error free if you want your letter to be published.

5. Don’t forget to mention your full name and your address in the letter. Then only your letter will be published in the newspaper along with your name.


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