How to Write a Good Travelogue

tl Travelogues are a great way to share your traveling experience with the whole world. People with good writing skills can charm the readers with the vibrant details of their trip. Many people have become famous by their sheer brilliance in describing new places. It is also a nice way to share the joy or pain that you endured during the travel. Here are a few tips to write a good and interesting travelogue.

Personal Touch

Rather than offering a general description of a place or a city it is better to make it interesting inserting your feelings about them. Write what you have felt after seeing a famous monument and what attracted you most about it. This will attract the reader even more. However, you can decide about the limit of being personal.

Introduction of Drama

Building of drama and suspense also works. That’s why we are so attracted towards detective novels and thrillers. Mention the interesting people that you have met on your journey and if possible refer to the conversations that you have had with them.

Element of Humor

Remember any funny incidents? Do not forget to mention them in your travelogue. This will make your travelogue entertaining. Nobody likes to read a dull essay. If you want you can also share some embarrassing moments that you might have faced. But that is your choice. The idea is to involve your readers with the journey.

Stress on Details

Making your travelogue more detailed will depend a lot on your power of observation. It will be good if you can describe a place with enough accuracy. You can write about the customs of that place, the way you saw it. To do this you have to mingle with the local people. Try to know about interesting local legends. Make notes of anything that strikes you as interesting.

Provide Important Information

It will help the reader if you can give inputs about the weather, road condition, and the transportation facility of the place. What is the perfect season to visit there? Does the place have a particular festival that everybody should make an effort to see? Mention these along with a bit of history of the place. Information about accommodations also helps.

Editing the Write Up

Once you have finished your travelogue you should edit it carefully. This will make it look better and increase its value to the reader. It will also show that you respect the time and patience of your readers.

Start writing now! Continuous writing will help you gain perfection.


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