How to write a good report

report Everyone, at some point of time or the other, wishes that he could write better. This applies to even working journalists. Reporters are often very busy with collecting facts and rushing from one spot to the other in order to gather news.

In this race, they often end up too close to the deadline. With so many facts on their hands, their writing often gets all muddled up and confusing. To write a clear, crisp report, the reporter must consciously try to better his writing skills at all times.

Report writing is mainly concerned with reporting facts. The reader must be able to understand the story in a clear light. To report story in such a way, a reporter must take pains to collect all the details pertaining to the incident. There are many different kinds of reports.

The reports which deal with time-dependent articles and are closely linked with a sense of urgency, as called spot reports. These reports include reporting about accidents, riots, murders, suicides, all crime stories in general. Spot reports also include reporting about recent political developments. For example, if a senator has resigned after allegations, then this makes for a spot news item.

Reporting also involves writing about stories that though do not have a sense of urgency, but convey important happenings described sequentially. This involves reporting about human-interest stories, reporting about certain welfare schemes of the government, etc.

To be a good reporter, one must be alert and on his toes. As goes the famous advice linked with reporting, a good reporter must have a nose for news. He should also be diligent in gathering details. The five basics of reporting, for example the How, Why, When, What, Where of the report should not be missed by the reporter at any cost.

The reporter must also double check the names of the people mentioned in the report. These names should be spelt just as the individual spells it. Any other variation, even if common, cannot be used. Do not forget to give the age of all the persons mentioned in the report.


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