How to write a good feature article

goodarticle Writing is a skill that can be developed and even improved with constant practice. It is also important to be a good reader in order to write well. There are a few basics that you must keep in mind in order to excel at feature-writing. Here are some tips to be a good feature writing and produce quality writing.

Have a firm grasp on grammar- Many people have a very rich imagination. They also have a very fine understanding of human emotions and social situations. However, when it comes to putting these experiences into words, most people often stumble at the first basic step — they do not know their grammar properly.

In order to write well, you must pay due attention to grammatical rules. While creative writing does take a certain liberty, writers cannot make away with grammatical rules altogether. So, to be a good writer, make sure you brush up on your grammar.

Be on the look out for story ideas- To be a good writer, you first must have interesting things to say. So, you must be consciously looking out for the subject matter. You can get interesting topics to write about even from incidents in your day to day life. Keep a small diary with you and in note, note whatever topic that comes to your mind. This way, you have time to develop a topic into a full-fledged feature report.

Develop your arguments well- Feature pieces carry the writer’s opinion, as opposed to reports that are aimed at conveying facts. In order to write a good feature piece, you must develop your argument well. A good article just cannot stand on opinion alone and so you must substantiate your points of view with other reference material, be it in the form of news reports, other feature articles, statistics, etc.


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