How to write a film review

film Who doesn’t love to watch films? Films provide an excellent means of escape away from reality. Good films are the best modes of entertainment. With good script, dialogues, and picturization, a film definitely becomes a treat for the senses. Many a people love to watch films and after they have liked a particular one, they desire to write down a review.

On the other hand, people are compelled to put their views into writing even when they absolutely disagree with the message a movie provides, or are unhappy with the story-line and poor performance by the actors. With blogging becoming a rage now-a-days, a large number of websites have come up that put up on their site film reviews.

Such sites also frequently invite their readers to contribute their comments over a certain film. With blogging, many film buffs have also started posting their own film reviews on the blog at a very regular pace. Such blogs often have a large and loyal fan following. What’s more, if a film review is written nicely, it can also encourage a stream of comments and well-thought debates and discussions.

To write a good film review, one must keep a few basic things in mind. A writer has to be professional, even if he is writing on his own personal blog. This calls for complete adherence to grammatical rules, proper syntax and punctuation. Keep the use of slang at the minimum. Moreover, do not write long, never-ending sentences. Do not flip from using the name of the character in the film and the name of the actor. This can confuse the reader.

Many writers do the mistake of comparing a film review with describing its story-line. This is an absolutely faulty way of going about writing a film review. The aim of a film review should be to critique the direction, the script, the acting in such a way that the suspense is not leaked out. Readers will be disappointed when they see a review in which the story is described from scene to scene. Use subtly, tact and suspense while writing a film review.


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