How to write a dissertation

dissert Many students have to write a dissertation at some point of their student life or the other. This is more common at post graduate level courses. To write a dissertation, certain basic styles and formats are expected of students. For a good dissertation, just research is not sufficient; the presentation should also be as prescribed by the professors.

Layout: You will usually get a list of the type of fonts, line spacing, margins, page breaks, to be used. You will also be given guidance as to how to break the dissertation under different sub heads. A student must diligently follow to all the specifications, for if the project does not meet the set demands, it is likely to get negative marking or be rejected altogether.

Review of literature: A student must scan different magazines, newspapers, libraries to read about similar research projects. He must also visit the college library for past dissertations that are related to his chosen research topic. He must carefully note down the draw backs of previous research and state how his research will add to the present data in the field.

Methodology: There are two types of research methodology: Qualitative and Quantitative. Qualitative analysis includes interviews, group discussions, study-group observations, etc. Quantitative methods include surveys and sampling. Most researchers now a days use a mix of both the methods.

Questionnaire: A questionnaire is an important tool to collect data. A researcher must make a questionnaire to elicit as much as information possible, and for this, he must decide whether he wants the questionnaire to be closed ended (With only options of Yes or No as answers) or open-ended (where the respondent can answer at length).

Several online sites offer a platform to program questionnaires. You can share the link to people and ask them to respond to the questionnaire online too. – Whether you will interview people, prepare a questionnaire. The questionnaire should not be too long, or it will bore the respondent and he may not reply attentively to the last few questions. The layout should be neat and well-designed.

Selection of sample- Sample size should be large enough and should be representative. If the sample size is too small, you cannot generalize your results. The student can also decide who is your target sample, age group, sex, professions pf the respondents in accordance with the chosen research topic and collect data from such a representative sample.


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