How to work from home

who1 Now the home is the new office. People have chosen their homes as the most comfortable setting to be productive, resourceful and efficient at their work. We can see plenty of homemakers working from home. Even employees in certain niche skill sets are given the option to work from home. Pregnant employees and employees who have met with minor immobilizing accidents work actively in the comfort of their homes.

Work at home can sometimes be counterproductive, since it lacks the professional environment of a workplace. It also does not have fellow workers, supervisors or managers close by. Added to that you have wanton distractions like television, pets, children and friends. You might also feel very lethargic when working from home, since home is originally a place for ‘relaxation’. Working from home requires some techniques to be adopted. Here’s how.

Early to rise and exercise

Try to wake up early and do some exercise. This will knock out any lethargy in your mind, and clear the way to an active day. Follow a routine that you would follow if you were going to an actual workplace. People working from home tend to take things easy, and wake up late. This habit will eventually lead to unimpressive job-related performances.

Try to start working by 9.30 am. Mornings are the most productive part of the day. Do the core jobs in the morning, or you could prioritize. Try to wind up with at least 8-9 productive hours of work. Often, we tend to stretch when working from home. Remember to sleep early.


Schedule your work. Plan your breaks in advance. Have a separate room to work from.


Have a good network connection and phone line. Download a good instant messaging software.


Be organized in the way you carry on with the tasks. Don’t let the relaxed home environment create a lackadaisical attitude in you. Maintain spreadsheets, create reminders or keep a notepad for reference.

Pets and children

You can intermittently find a way to check on your pets or children during your working hours. See how best it works for you. Try to explain to your children about your working from home. They will definitely accommodate themselves after a point of time.


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