How to Withdraw Money From ATM in India

moneyy1 ATM is the easiest and fastest way to withdraw money from your bank account. In today’s fast life, nobody has time to prepare a check and go to the bank and then wait for hours to withdraw money. Today, ATM is the most comfortable way of withdrawing money. So you have to know how to withdraw money from ATM.

The process is really very simple and easy. You just have to follow some instructions that are already given in the computer screen of the ATM. If you are withdrawing money from ATM for the first time, you should keep some points in mind. Here are some useful tips that will certainly help you to understand the process of withdrawing money from ATM.

1. First you have to enter the secured PIN code number of your ATM in the computer set there. Type the number and follow the instructions. Keep this number very carefully to yourself as this is a crucial number and if stolen, can be misused.

2. The next step is to enter the amount of money you want to withdraw from ATM. You have to type the digits of the amount. However, there is a rule that you have to withdraw an amount of round figure, as for example, you cannot withdraw Rs. 350. You have to withdraw either Rs. 400 or Rs. 300.

3. Another rule is that you cannot withdraw anything below Rs. 100 from any ATM machine. So you have to have minimum 10ballance of Rs. 100 to be able to withdraw money from ATM machines.

4. After you enter the amount of money to be withdrawn, the money comes out through the machine. Now you have to take the money.

5. At last the machine will ask you if you want to know the balance in your account. If you click yes, a ballance sheet will come out or else you can leave.


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