How to wear perfume elegantly

perfume Who doesn’t want to smell sweet and charming? Most people rely on a good perfume to keep themselves smelling fresh and nice. Even men rely on good deodorant sprays and colognes to smell fresh and nice. For men especially, the problem of body odor is often more acute and so, they must select an apt fragrance for themselves.

The use of perfumes has been in vogue since ancient times. In olden days, roses and other sweet-smelling flowers like jasmine, lavenders, etc were preserved, and their extracts used for body-fragrance. Today, a dizzying array of perfumes has flooded the market. From smells of citrus fruits, tangy, sharp fragrances, to soothing, soft floral fragrances, to manly fragrances of musk and mint, a large variety of options are available for men and women.

To use perfume well though, one must follow certain etiquette. While it’s good to smell pleasing, over-using your perfume or deodorant may not send a very positive signal. Perfume should be gentle and the smell should not be very heady or suffocating. Being subtle is the key to using perfumes wisely.

The fragrance should not be too obvious and so, less is much better than dousing yourself with perfume. Instead, it is a good idea to re-apply the perfume after a gap of 5-6 hours.

How well a perfume suits you also depends on your individual body chemistry. You skin cells will often react with the perfume to give a distinct smell. For this reason, sometimes you will notice that a certain brand smells much more exotic on you in comparison to another brand.

Try a number of perfumes, but ultimately stick to the one that complements your skin the best. Time is also very important while using perfumes. In morning-time, you can use citrus-based perfumes. Use strong floral scents for the evenings.


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