How to Wallpaper your Home

wap If you want to alter the appearance of your home then you can try to wallpaper it. Normally you would hire a professional in order to complete the job but if you do it on your own then you will love the fruits of your own labor. Find out how to wallpaper your home on your own.

Points to Consider

Before you wallpaper your home you have to bear in mind certain things. The first important step that you have bear in mind is to determine the focal point of your room that you want to wallpaper. How do you find out the focal point? The focal point in this case is generally the wall, which you are able to see first as you step into the room. This is exactly where you would like to focus the designs of wallpaper of your choice.

Find the Center

Try to figure out the central point of this particular wall with the help of a measuring tape. You need to make a plumb line mark evenly by using a pencil. You need to use a 4-foot level or a plumb bob for this job. The line should expand from the ceiling and go up to the floor. After that, you have to mark off the breadth of the wallpaper from the middle of the plumb line to any of the corners.

Start Hanging the Strips

Next, begin hanging strips of wallpaper from any of the plumb line that you marked after you confirmed that the measurements are accurate. If you begin from the middle to get a good position of the most noticeable strips and then move to the corners then you will be on the safer side.

When you use small or certain neutral patterns then you should begin from the corner and gradually move to other parts of the room. You should keep these things in mind in order to get the finest look.


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