How to view history of browsed pages?

wph Internet is full of millions of pages to provide you with the necessary information. We browse the internet everyday and open many pages. When you get browse online the next day you might want to read or surf the same page again.

If you browse a particular page everyday it is better to make it as your home page so that whenever you open an internet explorer, you directly reach that page. But if you are using some pages once a while you can not manage to find it every time on the search engine.


Step 1

Since the ranking of various websites keep on changing everyday you might not find the same website on the top ten websites next time you search for it. Thus it is possible that either you remember the entire address of the website or you might not.

Step 2

In such a case it becomes easy for you to locate a file if there is a history section. In this kind of option you can go into the history and look out for the page you searched earlier.

Step 3

The History option actually is available on the menu bar of the explorer. Click on to the option.

Step 4

Now in the history option you will notice a drop down menu that will guide you to the option called as the “show all history”. Click on to that particular option and you will get the entire history of all the websites and web pages that you have surfed recently.

Step 5

Now all you can do is look out for the particular page you are looking for and then you have to just click on it. This will directly direct you to the page itself. You can go through the options and choose the required link or page you wanted to surf or browse.

Bhrat Brij

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