How to Utilize Your TV Breaks

tv2 Do you get bored during commercial breaks, while watching television? If you get the urge to reach out for that jar of chocolate chip cookies during a break then you should find out how to utilize your TV breaks. Snacking in between meals is one of the factors responsible for your bulging tummy.

You can practice some easy exercises during commercials in order to reduce belly fat. Thus, you don’t need to go to the gym and now you cannot give the excuse that you don’t have the time for a work out. You can practice these exercise throughout the day as they will speed up your metabolism. You can do about fifteen repetitions of each work out.

How to Reduce Arm Flab

If you want to fight arm flab then this move is perfect for you. You need to sit on the edge of your couch or chair. Keep your hands on your sides, on the edge. Now you need to move your feet in such a way that your knees get bent at right angles and your bottom remains off the couch or chair. Fold your elbows in such a way that they point behind you. Lower your body as much as you can and stay in that position for a few seconds. Get up slowly. Thus, you complete one move.

How to Tone Your Thighs

The following work out is a modification of squats and it helps in toning your thighs and butt. You need to sit on the margin of your chair so that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Use your feet to push into the floor and then stand up straight by tightening your gluteus muscles. Don’t take the help of your arms. Keep your back straight and hold in your abdominals. Lower yourself slowly. Stand up again before reaching for the chair once again.


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