How to utilize internet in best manner?

ui Internet is a great medium that has provided us with innumerable facilities and has made our world more easy and quick. Today not only you can get information about each and every thing on the internet but can also use various other facilities.

Internet is full of various services. You can use it for finding relevant information, chatting, browsing, sending and receiving E mails, sending files etc. in this article you will learn various services available on the internet.


Step 1

You can use it in World Wide Web service

World Wide Web
World Wide Web or WWW is mainly responsible for setting the trend for internet since 1995. Many people are still confused and consider it as internet. World Wide Web is actually a service available on the internet

Step 2

You can use it for E mail service

E-mail Service
The second service available on the internet which has made communication and exchange of data easy and fast is E mail. Today millions of people are dependent on this E mail service to send and receive important mails to carry on their business.

Step 3


News group helps you to keep in touch with the latest information available on the internet. It keeps you in touch with the world and various activities going around the world. You can even comment and put your questions on various newsgroups.

Step 4

Chat or telephonic conversation.

Through the use of internet you can actually do instant chatting and video conferencing with your friends and relatives without paying any extra money. Use of internet has made it very easy and cheap to interact and chat with people sitting across the country.

With so many uses of internet it has become indispensible and is required in almost every field today. You cannot do without computers so it is important that you learn how to use it to make its best advantage.

Bhrat Brij

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