How to Utilize Cucumber for Health

cuc Cucumber is commonly found across the world. Cucumber is commonly called Dosakai in Andhra Pradesh State, India. The round shaped cucumber is available in yellow color across India.

It belongs to gourd family. It is commonly used in soup, daal, sambar and chutney. It is safe to eat. It can be eaten after cooking or raw. It holds about ninety percent of water and acts as a cooling agent.

Other varieties of cucumbers across the world are Mediterranean cucumbers, English cucumbers and kyuri or Japanese cucumbers. Japanese cucumbers are available in dark green color and have bumpy skin.

Mediterranean cucumbers have smooth skin with very few seeds. English cucumbers grow to a length of 2feet and have few seeds. Wild cucumber is called manroot in North America.

Japanese cucumbers are mainly used to make salads, slicing and pickles.

Our skin protects internal organs apart from making us beautiful. Cucumber has many health benefits. It is part of our daily food.

Cucumber is used to minimize large dark circles below the eyes. It also minimizes swelling near the eyes. They are used as eye pads to relieve from tiredness and puffiness.

Our skin and cucumber share same hydrogen level. Hence, cucumber can be used to mask the problematic areas on skin. Cucumber helps to soften our skin because of the presence of cleansing and cleaning properties. It acts as a magic stick to cure all skin problems. It found place in our daily beauty products such as juices, facials and face packs because of the presence of several ingredients.

Cucumber was considered as a health food during 18th century. Romans and Greeks first identified its medical properties.

It increases urine flow. Cucumber juice is used in the treatment of intestinal tract because of the presence of a valuable substance. It has very low calories. Cucumber juice is used to cure rheumatic conditions.


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