How to Utilize Aloe Vera for Health

aloevera Aloe barbadensis is generally known as aloe Vera. It belongs to lily family. The people all over the world knows about its health benefits. There are few places where it has not yet become popular. Gel is made from the leaves of aloe vera plant.

Aloe vera includes about 20 amino acids; important minerals such as sodium, magnesium and calcium; polysaccharides; vitamins; enzymes and nitrogen.

Aloe Vera is offered in the form of gel. Gel, which includes about seventy nutrients, is highly beneficial for health. Gel is widely used to cure wounds and burns. You can be relieved from pain by applying gel on the wounds without any delay. The gel helps to heal scrapes, bruises and minor cuts very quickly. You can also treat painful shingles. Gel provides respite from the lesions. Aloe vera is highly beneficial for skin disorders apart from being utilized as a laxative. Aloe vera sprays or gel also helps to cure joints pain and muscle pain that occurs due to arthritis. Aloe vera gel helps to control cholesterol level and blood fat lipid levels. Hence, it is useful to prevent heart disease.

Aloe vera is available in other forms such as cream, liquid, lotion and spray. Aloe vera is being recommended by Indian physicians to cure skin allergies and eruptions. Lotions and gels are becoming popular in India and the cosmetologists are recommending frequently when compared with earlier. It provides relief from itching apart from healing sores and blisters. It is very good for psoriasis patients, as it provides immediate relief from itching and pain.

The juice of aloe vera is used for persons suffering from digestive disorders, ulcers and heartburn. It also provides relief for persons suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or indigestion.

Aloe vera also helps to stimulate production of elastin and collagen that are required to control skin aging. It also eliminates dead cells. Hence, it is used as a moisturizer. It helps to reduce dark spots on your face apart from minimizing the pigmentation intensity.

Aloe vera extract is used to control blood sugar level.

It may soon find many more applications in the cosmetic industry worldwide.


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