How to use table salt to brush teeth?

It sometimes happens that you wake up in the morning and see that there is no toothpaste left. You then have to drag yourself to the nearby store in order to fetch a new one. It sometimes happens that you are in so much hurry that you do not have time to change and go to the nearby store and buy a new one, and thus you are stuck as what next to do. I will tell you a simple way that can help you clean your teeth at that time and thus you can then later that day buy yourself new toothpaste.

So now just read the following article and check out for you what I am actually talking about. Of course you can’t just go to the office like that. Now you more have to think over what to do when there is no tooth paste left in the house. The salt is really a beneficial thing and how beneficial it is in cleaning your teeth you will yourself find out. Now no more running to the store and wasting the morning time when you have to get ready for the office. Read on the following to know more.



Now if you think you have no more tooth paste left just run over to your kitchen and get a jar of table salt.


At first make sure to keep the toothbrush at the nearest possible place and that you have to keep the tap water running. Soak the toothbrush and then add salt to the brushes.


Quickly start brushing your teeth with it and clean the tongue and your teeth nicely with it, but remember not to swallow any salt. Make sure to keep the personal hygiene.


Now brush the teeth as you do with the tooth paste and do it properly, but also remember that you should not take in the salt. Be sure that the next time you go out you buy yourself a new one. Fellas, toothpaste is not that expensive, right?

Bhrat Brij

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