How to use table salt as your toothpaste?

tst Table salt has been taken as an effective element in curing tooth related problems. During ancient times when there was no toothpaste or mouthwashes, the only thing that kept teeth of our ancestors shining like white pearls was table salt.

Many people today find it silly to use it as it is a kind of spice, but table salt actually is very effective in treating gum problems. If someday you get up and go out of toothpaste in your bathroom, try using table salt at its place.

Today there are plenty of tooth pastes available in the market that contains salt and have been clinically proven to whiten your teeth more effectively than other toothpastes. Try using the common salt in its natural form to see great change in the color of your teeth in just matter of days.

Things you will require:
•    Table salt
•    Water
•    Tooth brush


Step 1

I know you will feel funny because it will not make any foam in your mouth and will taste sour. But if you use it regularly you will see the yellowness of your teeth decreasing and your teeth will actually appear shiny.

Step 2

Also those people who are suffering from serious gum problem and find it difficult to use brush can take some common salt in your hand and start rubbing on your teeth gently. Gargle with warm water. Use for 15 days regularly and you will surely see the difference.

Step 3

It also acts as a natural scrubber for your teeth. As you scrub your face to remove the dead skin, in the same way you can remove filth and sticky substances from your teeth and make them white and clean.

Step 4

Gargle after using it and experience the difference.

Bhrat Brij

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