How to use shiatsu for sinus headache

sinu A sinus headache can happen due to exposure to a cold environment, an allergic reaction or a sinus infection. The headache happens when air in combination with mucous gets trapped in the sinus passage. The sinus headache gets aggravated on movement of the head.

The shiatsu method can be used to treat sinus headaches. Shiatsu has its origination from Japan. It is based on the principle of applying pressure using ones fingers, palms and thumb on specific points.

This pressure is said to influence the central and autonomic nervous system. It is structured on anatomy and physiology. It is a licensed medical practice with approval from Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan.

Shiatsu methods can be used to get relief from sinus headaches. It works by putting pressure on energy pathways known as meridians. Shiatsu techniques are known to offer instant gratification by opening up blocked sinus passages and alleviating pain. Here’s how to perform the shiatsu method for relief from sinus headache.

1) Take both your index fingers and place it under the bony striation on the inner side of your eyebrow. Apply pressure, and then release. Repeat this procedure a few times. This will considerably ease the eye pain and tiredness due to the pressure exerted by the sinus passage.

2) Relieve frontal sinus by applying pressure to the web between your thumb and the index finger.

3) Locate the point below your cheekbone that is also in level with your pupil. Use your fingers to gently press upward. This action reduces pressure build-up behind the eyes. By doing it repeatedly for 10 to 15 minutes, you will see a remarkable decrease in nasal and head congestion.

4) If your forehead is aching (frontal headache), then place the pads of your thumbs at one-finger width over your eyebrows, and in line with pupil. Press your thumbs inward and release. Repeat several times.

5) Use your index fingers to apply pressure to the outside ridges of your nose that connect the nose to the face. This will help in clearing up the nose passage, and reducing stuffiness in the nose.

6) Another way of relief is to apply pressure / tickle / rub the area on top of the foot where the bones from the big toe and small toe connect.


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