How to Use Oil As A Conditioner

hcc You are in the habit of using vegetable oil in the kitchen for so many purposes everyday.

You use it to prepare mouthwatering dishes, frying veggies or even for baking cakes. Vegetable oil is very versatile and you can also use it to condition your hair. Don’t you think this is amazing? You may have used coconut oil earlier to condition your hair. How about a little vegetable oil this time?

Let Your Mane Shine

You can add a lot of shine to your hair with vegetable oil. Find out which vegetable oil suits you best. The best choice would definitely be organic coconut oil but you can substitute it with something like safflower oil or sunflower oil.

Opt For Natural Oil

All you have to do is ensure that the oil is completely natural, without the addition of any chemicals. If it is organic then nothing can be better than that. Do you want to know how to use oil as a conditioner? Then continue reading.

How To Apply

It is absolutely safe to apply vegetable oil to your scalp directly. Take a few drops of the oil and start massaging the scalp with your finger tips. Don’t use your nails. Apply slight pressure while massaging in small circular motions. Next, you should oil the hair strands as well.

Turban Therapy

Once you are done with massaging it is time to steam your hair. Soak a towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess water, and wrap it around your hair like a turban. You should let your scalp and hair absorb the heat and oil for at least half an hour. After that, shampoo off the oil in the usual manner.

An Oily Affair

The benefit of vegetable oil massage is that it helps in dislodging dandruff and dead skin cells from the scalp. Thus, when you wash it, all the dandruff and fine dust particles are washed out.  Next time you grab your bottle of conditioner, substitute it with vegetable oil.


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