How to use natural products to have shiny teeth

shinyteeth Good, shining teeth make an immediate impression. On the other hand, teeth that are not well kept make a bad first impression and convey that the person is lax about personal hygiene. Thus, teeth care is very important to have a healthy and hygienic existence and to make a good impression. There are many ways in which you can take care of your teeth well.

Children must be explained the importance of brushing teeth properly. The importance of healthy teeth must be stressed upon children from time to time. They must be asked to gargle every time after eating something. They also must be made to fall in the habit of brushing teeth properly every night before retiring for the night’s sleep.

All these tips also apply equally to elders. Just as it is important to remove all make-up before retiring for bed, for proper skin care, one must also brush teeth at night. One can use a variety of natural products to take care of teeth. For example, one can use salt to rub on teeth. This will cleanse the tartar layer thoroughly. Just take a pinch of salt in your left (or non-working hand) palm. Wet the index finger of the right hand and dip it into the salt. Use this salt to rub on your teeth.

For teeth that have yellowed up, 2-3 drops of lemon juice can be rubbed along with salt on the teeth. Though this will be slightly uncomfortable afterwards, you can follow this routine twice a week and will see the yellow stains vanish after prolonged use of lemon-salt treatment.

When someone has a tooth-ache, clove oil helps a lot in relieving the condition. Clove oil is available in many medicine shops. In case you cannot get your hands on clove oil, you can even keep a clove in your mouth and keep chewing on it gently to extract the clove juice. This will also help relieve toothache.


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