How to use internet?

useinternet With the advancement in technology, Internet has become important part of our life. Unlike televisions where if you miss a program or news you can not watch the repeat telecast but with internet all the latest news and hottest movies are just a click away.


Step 1

Always remember that using an internet is not a difficult job but there are things that you must know when you plan to begin using it. First of all you need to do is get yourself an internet connection, or you can go to your nearby cyber cafes that provides the internet facility.

Step 2

You will then have to set up or you can also download the search engines like Google or internet explorer or Firefox, which help you to search for the various kinds of information over the internet, and so in order to find information on the internet search engines are important.


Now when once you have set up the Internet Explorer or for that matter any other kind of search engine on your computer, then you can either type the entire website name or just type in the basic words on which you want to get the information.

Step 4

You will then be directed to the various links and sites that have the information you are looking for or are in anyway related to the keyword you filled in to search. Thus, it makes your search worthwhile.

Step 5
Many websites like yahoo, Google and hotmail allow you to set them as your home page so that when ever you click on the explorer the selected page will pop open.

Step 6

Yahoo home page itself has various links which directs you to the latest news, Shows, weather information, etc. you can directly click on these links and you will be directed to the entire information about any topic of your choice.

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