How to Use Herbal Remedies for Treating Hair Loss

hrhl Are you tired of wasting your money on costly hair treatments? If your answer is yes then you can say bye to beauty salons and try natural hair loss remedies at home. You will certainly be happy with the results. Find out how to use herbal remedies for treating hair loss.

Use Honey and Almond Oil

In order to make an effective hair pack you need to combine one tablespoon each of almond oil and honey and one egg yolk. Whip all the ingredients together to make a nice paste and then leave on your scalp for about 60 minutes. You can wear a shower cap so that you don’t leave a trail of the hair pack all around you. After that you can shampoo your hair. You can promote the growth of healthy hair if you use this pack about once every weak.

Tobacco Flowers and Olive Oil

Hair loss in case of men can be quite problematic and thus there is a special treatment for this problem. You can grind fresh tobacco flowers to make a coarse paste and mix it with olive oil. Now massage the bald patches of your scalp with this mixture. You will find the re-growth of new hair if you regularly massage your scalp with this.

Massage with Olive Oil

You can also massage your hair with plain olive oil to make the hair roots strong and avoid graying of hair. Olive oil is good for curing dandruff as well. You can also massage your hair well if you combine olive oil with rosemary or almond oil.

Cow Milk for Hair Care

You can massage your hair with freshly boiled milk. However, make sure that the milk is cold. You can also use raw milk for the hair massage. Butter and fresh cream are great for promoting hair growth and making hair soft. If you want your hair to look beautiful then be regular with your hair care.


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