How to Use Hair Curlers

hch With several types of hair curlers being available in the market these days, women are spoilt for choice regarding using hair curlers for that perfect set of curls. If used the right way, curlers can create voluminous curls and waves in your hair and give you a glamorous look that lasts for hours.

Depending on what kind of curls you want, you can use various types of curlers for curling and styling. While foam curlers can be worn for long hours (even while sleeping), hot curlers yield results in less than 30 minutes.  Here’s how to use curlers to curl your hair the right way.

Step 1: Don’t wash you hair before you’re going to curl it, because many hair-curling styles won’t hold in clean and slippery hair. For best results, wash your hair at least a day before you plan to curl it.

Step 2: Comb your hair, making sure every strand is combed as smooth as possible. This will help get even results.

Step 3: Divide your hair into 2-3 sections, depending on its thickness. Leave lose the section hat you’re going to work upon, pinning up the remaining sections with duck clips or claw clip.

Step 4: If your hair does not hold curls easily, use hairspray on the strands before rolling them in the curler. This method however works only if you’re using hot curlers.

Step 5: Be careful while rolling the curlers. Irrespective of the length of your hair, you must roll the curlers making sure all parts of each section of hair are rolled up.

Roll your way from the bottom up towards your scalp. Use appropriate clips to pin the curler. If one or two strands of hair keep falling out from the section that you’re rolling, use any light-hold hairspray to bind those strands with the rest of the hair.

Step 6: Allow sufficient time for the curlers to set. For hot curler, give at least 15 minutes to set. And if using foam curlers, you’ll usually need to leave them overnight for best results.


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