How to use foundation the perfect way?

When you are at a party you can’t help admiring people who appear to have a flawless skin and you just crave for that skin yourself. Well it’s not always that ways. The major crowed present in the party is wearing foundation and thus this makes them appear flawless. It is the way you use the foundation that will give you even and a flawless appearance.

It is noted that if the make up is applied in the wrong way can make a good looking face as an ugly duckling while a plain face can also look extraordinary if the right kind of makeup is applied. Thus it is very necessary to know how to apply makeup and most importantly foundation. As foundation appears to be the base layer of your layer, thus if that goes wrong then however good is the rest of the thing brand wise or otherwise you will end up looking gross. Thus, this article will guide you the right manner to apply foundation to your skin. It will make your skin look perfect and remember some things about foundation, it is that some drops of the powdered bronzer is used then it will give your skin a natural glow. Do not overuse it, the less it is the best results it will provide. You just have to cover up the flaws and not change the tone of your skin.



Moisturize your skin with a good and light moisturizer, which sets into the skin and do no leave it oily.


Use primer in a small amount to the forehead, the cheeks chin and nose. Now let it dry before you go on applying foundation.


Get yourself the ideal shade by selecting a foundation that matches the color of your skin and thus will let you appear flawless by just hiding away the skin that is discolored due to any problem. Try and choose the one from the retailers that let you try it so that you can try out check if its that rights hade for you before leaping into buying.


Application-for lighter tone use equal amounts of moisturizer and foundation apply with sponge. If you have dark circles do not apply it there.


Concealed- apply cream and then 2 drops concealer. Now blend.


LOOSE POWDER-its is like the icing that is done to the cake after applying the foundation in the guided manner just use the powder that will enhance the look and glow.

Bhrat Brij

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