How to use Excel sheet?

exelsheet Computer lets us perform various tasks very easily. When we purchase our computer, with the windows we also get Ms Office installed in it. If you do not have it in your computer you can easily get it downloaded from the internet.


Step 1

MS excel sheets are widely used to maintain accounts in various business firms. Various accountants use excels sheets to keep a check on transaction and other money related fields.

Step 2

The use of excel sheets is wide. From schools to colleges to banks to small business firms and personal purposes, one utilize excel sheets to maintain a recorded of various things.

Step 3

Excel sheets are actually divided in to rows and columns which helps you to fill the details number wise. Also you can add up new sub sheet on the same sheet by right clicking at the bottom bat and select add sheet.

Step 4

You can add as many sheets you want on a single sheet and add information that is relevant.

Step 5

You can use the excel sheet at your home for various purposes or even for any kind of personal use. Ii will maintain your home budget or other kinds of budgets that can be easily maintained through it. It can also add up the things that are purchased everyday and also it helps in keeping a check on the daily budget. Not only this but various calculations can be performed using certain formulas in excel sheet which can help you to do quick math.

Step 6

Once you have filled in the details of the calculations required then using the formulas the excel sheet will perform all the necessary calculations on its own.

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