How to Use Cream Blush

blush Using make up perfectly is an art but it is not difficult. You need some time to learn it and soon you will be able to master the art of wearing make up. If you want to give your cheeks a healthy glow then you should know how to use cream blush. It is very essential to know the right method of applying blush or else you can look very clownish or like a kid dressed up for a fancy dress competition.

In order to wear cream blush just like a professional, you need foundation, loose powder brush, moisturizer, loose powder, and blush. The blush can be mousse, gel or cream. First of all take a nice moisturizing cream to use it as a base for the foundation. This will make it easy to apply the foundation and also give the blush a good finish.

Apply Some Liquid Foundation

Now take some liquid foundation in your hand and dot them on your face using your finger tips. Sponges can soak an excessive amount of the foundation. Therefore it is practical to use your fingers. Evenly dust some loose powder so that the foundation gets set nicely.

How to Apply Blush on your Cheeks

Take a little bit of blush on the tip of your forefinger and make some little stripes on the apple of your cheek. While smearing the color, make sure that you apply only on the center of your cheeks. Blend the color in gentle circular movements and you should ensure that the color fades along the margins.

In case you are using gel blush then you should not use a foundation. If you have very oily skin or have open and prominent pores then you should not use gel or cream blush. In that case it is a better idea to use powder blush for an even look. Apply it with the help of a clean brush.


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