How to use body make-up

bmu Women derive a lot of their self-esteem on the way she looks. For them, it’s a daily battle to better the way they look. Thankfully, today, the new-age woman has many beauty-aids that she can back up on. To have that perfect look, you must invest some time in preening yourself.

However, applying make-up just on your face is a thing of the past. Make-up has come out of the realms of good eye-liner, mascara and eye-shadow routine. It has also transgressed the toning up routine, where you are only happy with a well-applied, even looking foundation, the right amount of blush to accentuate your high cheek bones.

Today, with more and more people opting for skimpy clothes, make-up is also about showing your body parts in their best possible look. For this, you need to have a firm grasp about how to apply good body make-up.

Body make-up, that is applying make-up on your neck, cleavage, arms and legs is the thing which is in now. It is used for a number of reasons, like for corrective measures to cover up any blotches or tans due to the sun, covering up bruises or stretch marks, etc.

Body make-up also helps to get an even skin tone all over your body, so that it’s  just not your face that looks fair and appealing. It is used to get an even skin tone, to create a cleavage and also to get a fake tan look. What’s more, if applied correctly, body-makeup can add a healthy sheen to your body and enhance the way you look.

To apply body make-up well, get a good consistency of the cream you use. It should not look overdone or fake. It should blend in well with your natural skin tone. Keep the shade difference to a minimum in most cases, do not aim to suddenly look too fair when your complexion is little on the darker side.

Use of bronzers and shimmers can add a rich look to the cleavage. Use a sponge, light body moisturizer, water-proof body cream to get the best body-make-up.


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