How to use a tooth brush to clean your teeth?

usebrush Cleaning teeth is not a tough job. Every one brushes his teeth twice a day today about some of them are able to keep their teeth in proper shape and color but some of them fail to do so. The main reason behind that is that those of you who are unable to protect their teeth against the bad breath and stain is that they are not brushing their teeth in the right way. In this article you can learn various ways in which you can maintain the color and form of your teeth.


Step 1

The first thing you need to do is choose a right brush for you. Tooth brush is as vital in keeping you away from tooth problems as tooth paste. There are many companies of tooth brush available in the market. But before choosing any tooth brush make sure you find out if it is approved by the dental association. Choose a tooth brush manufactured by a reputed company.

Step 2

Eating excess of starchy food and chocolate makes our teeth prone to microbe attack and leads to early disintegration. Eating candies, sugary food and sleeping without brushing teeth at night causes cavities and aching gums. Choose to stay away from processed food and cheese as they are high in calorie and stick to your teeth as well.

Step 3

Clean your teeth properly by brushing in up and down direction and follow back-forth and up-down movements for your side teeth and gums. Open your mouth properly and brush entire area from inside ad well.

Step 4

Clean your tongue using a tongue cleaner and use a mouthwash after brushing your teeth. Make sure you do not eat anything after you brush at night before going to bed every time.

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