How to use a mouse?

mousee2 Our computer is fixed with a mouse which helps us to click open various things. Many people who are new to the internet might find it difficult to use mouse. Using mouse is not difficult. Make sure you connect the lead of the mouse and it works properly. A laptop has a mouse that has to be used quiet differently than a mouse fixed on a desktop computer.

There are many things that you can do while working on various programs using the mouse quickly. You can select an area at a faster rate and can delete or paste the things quickly. In this article you will learn how you can use the mouse more efficiently.


Step 1

There are two clicks on the mouse right click and the left click. We generally use the left click of the mouse to click and open various files on the computer. Sometimes you might need to double click it. once you get to know how to use the mouse in a right way you can perform various commands at a very fast speed than before.

Step 2

The right click on the mouse is generally loaded with extra option. Whenever you right click the mouse on a particular file or picture, it will give you variety of options that may connect with it. The option may vary from file to file and folder top folder.

Step 3

You can even drag file or folders on your desktop and place them sequence wise or according to your requirements.

Step 4

All you need to do is click on the file, do not release the left click and drag it to the desired position. Once you have reached the desired position release the mouse and the file will be shifted to the desired places.

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