How to use a GPS Vehicle Tracking System

gps The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide navigation system that uses satellites to calculate positions on the ground accurately. GPS tools are used for tracking vehicles as well. A GPS vehicle tracking or car tracking system is a sophisticated GPS navigation unit with which you can track cars, trucks, trailers, railcars, containers and boats. This article describes how you can use GPS vehicle tracking systems for services more than just car tracking.

One of the well known GPS car navigation systems is Alpine’s Mobile Mayday. This in-vehicle security system provides a variety of services through an On-Guard Response Center, where an operator is stationed who tracks the vehicle on a computer screen.

Here’s how you can use the various safety services of the GPS vehicle tracking system:

1. In case you find that your car has been stolen, call the On-Guard Response Center.  The Response Center will get in touch with the police and give them information about the car’s location, speed and direction.

2. For assistance on any mechanical problem, push the Communication button to enable voice communication with the On-Guard Response Center.

3. In the wake of an accident or if you become victim of a robbery or car jacking, press the Panic button for about a second.  In such cases, the operator at the On-Guard Response Center can eavesdrop on the situation within the car and then get in touch with you if it is safe to do so. The operator will communicate with the concerned security personnel and guide them to you.

4. If you want to know directions to a particular destination, press the Communication button. The operator at the On-Guard Response Center will guide you accordingly.

5. If you car key is accidentally left within the car, call the On-Guard Response Center. The operator at the center will give out a command to unlock the doors.

6. Suppose you cannot find your car in a busy parking lot. Call the On-Guard Response Center to send out a command that will cause your car’s horn to honk, thereby helping you detect the vehicle.


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