How to use a boomerang

boom A boomerang is a curved piece of wood that is used in sports, recreation and defense. The most popular one is the returning one, that follows an elliptical path. These boomerangs are used for recreation and fun. Throwing and catching a boomerang needs practice and technique, because a boomerang is an accurate object, and works only when used accurately. It’s akin to hitting a golf ball of the tee or trying to throw a javelin. It requires practice and perfection. Here’s how to use a boomerang.


Choose a place that is large and without any obstructions like trees, poles or houses. The best place would be a football field, as this gives you an option of diving to catch the boomerang. Make sure that there are no children or people walking around, if you are still starting off with using a boomerang. Professional boomerang throwers can throw even in crowded areas. Remember that the boomerang is a dangerous object that can hit people causing them serious injuries. In case you have thrown accidentally in the direction of people, shout out instructions at them to lie down low or move away from the trajectory.


The ideal weather to throw a boomerang would be a warm day. Windy days could help you throw heavier boomerangs that use the wind for thrust. Different throwing styles are used during windy days. However, strong windy days will not be ideal, as the boomerang can be difficult to predict.

Throwing technique

Throw the boomerang like a baseball pitcher. Do not make the mistake of throwing the boomerang in a side-ways action, because it will just go up instead of going away, come down fast and hurt you.

There are two ways to grip the boomerang before it is thrown; the pinch grip and cradle grip. In the pinch grip method, one arm of the boomerang is held between the thumb and forefinger whereas in the cradle grip method the only difference is that the forefinger wraps around the boomerang.

Remember to snap your holding fingers just when the boomerang is released to create a spin. To get the boomerang to return, always throw across the direction of the wind at a 45 degs to 90 degs angle.

Catching technique

Use the ‘clapping’ technique to catch a returning boomerang. Wait until the boomerang comes to a catching level. Place your hands in a horizontal ‘clapping’ position and grasp the boomerang between the palms of your hands.


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