How to update the antivirus on your computer?

ua2 With the use of internet, the entry of various spywares and viruses has become easy. Viruses and malwares affect the functioning of our computers and reduce their efficiency.

Our computers take a lot more time to start up and open various files if it is infected with viruses. Not only this if we do not resolve the program our important data can be erased or corrupted by these viruses. In this article you will learn how an antivirus can prevent the entry of virus in your computer.


Step 1

Installing an antivirus is mandatory in a computer. Antivirus helps to block the suspicious activities of various viruses and helps to kill them. Viruses keep on making new folders in our computer and use a lot of its memory.

Step 2

Installing an antivirus will keep the viruses away but you need to update it from time to time in order to get the latest version and full protection from viruses. Once you have installed an antivirus, make sure you update it every day to its newest option.

Step 3

Many antiviruses have the capability of updating itself automatically as soon as it is connected to the internet. If you do not use internet regularly, make sure you update your antivirus at least once every week to keep your computer virus and malware free forever.

Step 4

There are many antiviruses present on the internet. You can choose any out of them. It is recommended that you buy an antivirus instead of using a free trial version of antivirus provided by different companies. Purchasing one year subscription for an antivirus can be cheap as compared to the monthly payments.

Step 5

Some of the recognized antivirus available on the internet is Avast, Quick Heal, Avira, Panda, etc. Make sure you compare the cost before purchasing any antivirus.

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