How to understand graphology

graphology1 Graphology means the study of handwriting. Scholars have studied handwriting since ancient times. No two persons’ writing is the same. There is always a distinct element of individuality in the writing of every person. A person writes unconsciously and so, the writing is dictated by the person’s many individual personality traits.

By studying handwriting, it is possible to understand how a person behaves in certain situations, whether he is introvert or extrovert, etc. All these things can however be understood only after a through study of all the traits exhibited by the handwriting. Any single trait in itself cannot point out to a good analysis on its own. These traits, in terms of graphology, are also often referred to as ‘movements’. Here are some basics of graphology.

Handwriting analysis is done on a number of factors. The size of individual letters written is taken into account. Moreover, the slant of the writing, whether it is directed to the left or write also denotes a personality trait. The length of the letters is also taken into account. For example, how far the upper part of the letter F goes or how low the curve of letters like G, Y, J, etc go is also taken into account.

These details signify a variety of things about the personality of the writer. When a person has big writing, it usually shows that he tends to see the big picture. He may be slightly extravagant and also have a thriving social life. Small writing means attention to detail. If small writing is supplemented by other such character traits, then it indicates that the writer has good concentration.

Rightward slant often indicates that a person is social and likes to remain the company of people. Left slant means slight introvert nature. Such a person also tends to be very loyal to the few friends he has.


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