How to understand children

uc Children are God’s gift to mankind. With their innocent and pure mindsets, they show their parents a whole new world of bliss and purity. With their curiosity, they prod the entire world around them and consequently, end up asking lots and lots of questions.

Their curiosity is so profound and so ever lasting, that the string of questions just doesn’t seem to cease. Parents are often at a loss of words and logic in making their children understand some basic things.

When the children’s questions become all the more complex, and they become inquisitive about relationships, sex and such alike, it is a challenge to make them understand these things in the right light.

To build a healthy relationship with your child, it is important to lend him a patient ear. Do not dismiss your children’s queries, but try to answer his questions to the best of your abilities.

In order to understand the child mind better, it also makes good sense to see him interact with other kids of his age-group. Their conversation and play will give you an interesting insight into how the mind of a child works. In order to understand your child, you obviously need to spend a lot of time with him.

If you cannot come up with enough arguments or points to satiate his curiosity, instead of merely giving up, you can try to find answers together by using a dictionary, surfing the net, or by introducing your child to a friend, or a relative who can answer the queries in his own simple way.

A child just needs enough attention and so, even if you cannot listen to your child yourself, and it is impossible to be with him at all times, just make sure he has enough people to fall back on. This support system may be in the form of his older siblings, his grandparents, a baby-sitter or even a gentle house-keeper.


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