How to Understand Belly Fat Problems

belly Even if you have never been fat in your life, you may have noticed that as you grow old, you start developing a paunch. How is this possible? You were never prone to getting belly fat. You need to know that as women grow older, an increase in belly bulge in common in them.

That happens due to a number of factors such as hormonal changes or heredity. The weight gain can also be related to age. This problem is also common in post menopausal women. You should know how to understand belly fat problems so that you can avoid the bulge and the subsequent health disorders.

It is not healthy to gain fat in your abdominal region as compared to other areas of your body because extra abdomen fat can raise your chances of suffering from diabetes, some forms of cancers, and cardiovascular ailment. However, you will be able to fight belly fat if you practice certain exercises and make some vital changes in your lifestyle. Choose exercises that are designed to fight your growing girth.

Fat Accumulation in Women

You should know why fat accumulates in the abdomen more in women than in men. When you grow older, certain changes happen in your body. The metabolism rate becomes slow and thus more amount of fat starts accumulating in your body. This gain in fat becomes more pronounced in women because after menopause their bodies have a natural tendency to deposit fat in areas such as hips, legs, arms, and abdomen. During this time the distribution of fat in the body is not even.

Belly Fat and Its Risks

So what is the risk of having a belt of belly fat? Something known as visceral fat is found much deeper within the abdomen, and it envelops the abdominal organs. The risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problem, and other health problems increases when this type of fat increases in the body.


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