How to Treat Snoring with Yoga-Asana

yogaa Snoring is a problem affecting you and bothering the people around you. All of us wish to relax after a hard day job, but people with the snoring tendency can really turn us sleepless. All of us snore at some point of time or another but a prolonged and loud snoring is niggling.

Do you know, the major cause of snoring is the weakness of the throat tissues, which can be stoped by a simple yoga asana. A feeble throat tends to shut itself while sleeping and thus a sound is produced when you breathe. Here is just one some simple asana that can help you to get rid of snoring.

Ujjayee pranayam can cure snoring. Start by sitting in sukhasana, breathing normally with your eyes closed. Now exhale completely and start inhaling with both nostrils. For greater benefit, try to inhale with the maximum capacity of your lungs. While inhaling, contract your throat muscles to produce a sobbing sound. The sound thus produced has to be low with a uniform pitch and should not be broken. This would be possible with practice. If you are doing it right, you should feel a vibration effect in your chest and head region.

Now take up a pranayam mudra with the right hand. Try to hold your breath as much as you can while sitting in the same mudra. Now, shutting the right nostril with right thumb, exhale very slowly with the left nostril. This is the completion of one round and has to be repeated 8-10 times. You need to practice this asana every day in the morning or evening, appropriately and rhythmically to get rid of snoring.

The asana is very effective in strengthening the throat tissues to cure problem of snoring. It also removes the blockages of air passage, if any. It also boosts the functioning of lungs and thyroid glands and effectively counters heart and brain problems.


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