How to Treat Pale Lips

pl We use lipsticks to color our lips. However, if your lips are already pink, would not you feel proud? But some people have pale lips, which do not have any appeal in them and look really odd without lipsticks.

Your lip color is a gift of nature, which you must treasure and take proper care of. Dry and rough lips are not at all attractive and not kissable too. You can always make your lips more beautiful and softer by following certain easy steps.

Here are some homemade remedies to treat pale lips and bring back the pink tinge on them. Check them out and smile frequently.

1. If you are a chain smoker, you must control your smoke. Smoking is a great cause for the discoloration of your lips. So, reduce smoking to retain the color of your lips.

2. Lemon juice can be a very good medicine for treating paleness of your lips. Apply lemon juice on your lips everyday to get a good result. Water will also prevent your lips from being rough and dry.

3. Drink lots of water everyday. Water helps you to release the toxins from your body. You must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Water will also soften your lips besides bringing back the pinkish tinge in them.

4. Sometimes lip biting can cause discoloration of lips. You must stop biting your lips. Always be conscious and prevent yourself from being tempted to bite the lips. If required, apply something on your lips that is bitter in taste so that you automatically stop licking or biting your lips.

5. Rose water is very good for retaining the color of your lips. Every night, before you go to bed, you apply rose water with a cotton bowl on your lips and leave it overnight. Make sure you don’t lick it.


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