How to travel on a low budget

lbt Backpacking is the most preferred way of travel for those with wanderlust these days. It involves traveling on a shoe-string budget, with minimum luxury but getting a maximum, rich experience of the place you are visiting and its culture.

There are many ways in which you can have an excellent trip without spending a lot of money. Here are some tips about how to travel on a low budget:

Surf the net for options: Many websites have come up that offer very practical tips on travel and adventure sports. Many online forums also have users sharing their personal experience.

Such tips often come very handy when you are planning a vacation at an off-beat location. You can get basic information about the hotels, the tariff, the facilities they offer, etc from such travel websites. Many online ticket-booking agencies also offer package deals along with air-tickets and offer good rates on hotels.

Look for cheap accommodation: Instead of staying in hotels, you can also scout for dormitories or hostel accommodations. Many religious and social-service organizations also offer good facilities for short-stays. In India, several ashrams (religious residences) offer very good staying options.

You need to abide by some basic rules like getting up early, no smoking, alcohol or non-vegetarian food on campus, etc. See if the accommodation has a kitchen too. This facility will also help you cut down your travel costs considerably.

Take some snack-items: It is a good idea to keep some snack items with you when you are on a low-budget trip. Breads, biscuits, chips are a good option. You can also buy fruits and vegetables like cucumber, tomato to make a quick sandwich. If the accommodation also provides a kitchen, you can cut a good amount of your budget by cooking simple, quick meals like pasta and sandwiches.


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