How to travel light

bpk Many a times, we plan a journey so enthusiastically, that we end up taking much more than required. Excess luggage is a very big problem when it comes to traveling. Traveling light has many advantages.

It will make you more mobile and thus you can access different areas easily if you have less baggage to take care of.

When you travel with a fleet of suitcases, changes hotels or site-seeing when stopping over for a brief stay somewhere (like a few extra hours on hand before you catch the flight) cannot be an option.

Yes, most train stations and airports do have luggage storage facilities, but often, the distance is so much that to reach the station just to deposit luggage is not a very feasible idea. So there you are, tied up guarding your bags and baggage when you could have well used that time to explore a new place.

There are several ways how to travel light. It is very important to create the right mindset for travel. Many people tend to mistake travel with beauty contests in the way they carry a hoard of designer dresses, make-up accessories and a large number of matching items.

If you are traveling to a place that is known to have a lot of places worth visiting, and if the climate is hot and dusty, it makes sense to just stick to two or three pairs of jeans and shorts.

Stick to linens while traveling, for that is the most comforting fabric, especially when on the move. Take the basics like a good pair of sunglasses, cap or hat, a waist-pouch, water-bottle, some snack items that can last for long, first-aid box and the medicines you usually take.

Take one, or maximum two pairs of comfortable shoes. Stilettos may not be the best option while traveling on a low budget to unknown terrains.


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