How to Transfer Pictures from Digital Camera

dca Gone are the days when you had to fill a camera with a reel and be limited with only 36 photographs. Digital camera has made a revolution in the world of photography. Now you don’t have to bother about reels and all the troubles. You just have to buy a memory card of a certain storage capacity and fit it in your digital camera.

The more the capacity of the memory card, the more photographs you can take. There is no story of limitedness. When the memory card is loaded with images, you can easily delete the unnecessary photographs and make space for new one.

The process of transferring the images from your camera to the computer or to your laptop is something you will be scared of. Check out the tips below and be a master of it.

1.    When you buy the digital camera, there will be a data transfer cord along with it. One side of the cord has to be linked with the camera and the other side with the computer. There will be proper signs on the cord so that you can understand which side is for what.

2.    First you need to on the camera and then connect the cord with it. Then lick the other side of the cord to the computer. Then an automatic window will appear in your computer containing some files and folders. Click on the “Open File” folder to open it. Inside this folder you will see another folder. Open it to see all the image files in it.

3.    Now you have to select all the image files together and copy them and paste in a certain place in your computer. So, the transfer is done.

4.    If you want to empty your camera, you can delete the images from the camera.

5.    If you are transferring the files in your laptop the job become easier. You just have to take out the memory card from inside the camera and then place it in the right place of your laptop. Then the above process will repeat.


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