How to throw a summer party

summerparty Summer is a good time to organize an out-door picnic. Pool-side parties are also a hit during summer time. Cocktail and dinner parties are also a breeze and a very enjoyable option indeed when its summer time. However, whether it be summer or winter, all parties demand meticulous planning on the part of the host. A lot of details have to be worked out. An elaborate menu has to be chalked out. Here are some tips about how to go about a summer party.

The menu should be in sync with the season. For summer, the menu should be light. Avoid red meat altogether when throwing a summer party. Keep a light chicken item, for example, a chicken salad, steamed chicken with fresh vegetables, honey-lemon chicken with wild rice, etc. Fish and sea-food is the best bet if you can get your hands on good quality, fresh fish. Continental preparations are also a good idea in summers because they are pretty light and easy on the stomach.

One must also ensure that the drinks flow generously and there is enough variety of mocktails and cocktails to suit everyone’s taste. For drinks, chilled beer is the staple for summer parties. Other than beer and a variety of wines, ensure that there are enough fresh fruit juices. Fresh lemonade of coconut water is also a good idea when throwing a summer party.

Select the venue that is airy. Avoid keeping a summer party indoors. If you have a large garden, or a well-designed terrace, cash on the surroundings and arrange a party outside. Such venues work very well especially in cool, star-lit nights.

If you are throwing a party inside though, make sure you have enough ventilation in the room. See to it that there are enough air-conditioners to keep the room comfortable. In case your locality is prone to power-cuts, arrange for a generator as well.


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