How to Teach Your Kid to Tie Shoelaces

showlaess Wondering how to encourage your kid so he ties his shoelaces by himself? There are a few small steps that can lead to success in this matter. It is true that after the introduction of Velcro kids need not to care for shoelaces but you might like your kid to know the craft nevertheless. So here are a few tips.

Age of the Child

This is important because it helps the child to pick the trick of this art. The ideal age is considered to be between 4 to 6. This is the time by which they develop the necessary flexibility of fingers. He should also know the difference between right and left.

Use Laces of Different Colours

You can use two laces of two different colours. This will help you to instruct your child in a better way. He will also be able to remember the teaching. Colour is something that will attract your kid more quickly. This will also seem like fun.

Plan the Exercise Like a Game

Try to make it interesting by doing like a game. Show your kid the similarity between a tied lace and an “X” or a bunny’s ear. This will definitely intrigue him. Once he gets interested you can relax. Do not succeed to treat him when he succeeds.


Do not forget to be patient. It is quite natural that your child will make mistakes in the beginning. You should not scold him. He will most certainly learn it sooner or later. You need to appreciate his effort that will encourage him.

Do it Yourself

This process will definitely help your child. Now he will be able to copy you. The right posture for this is staying by the side of your child.

Fix the Style of Tying

There are many ways one can tie a shoelace. That is why you stress and show your child a particular one and focus on that. This way you will eliminate any scope of your kid getting confused.

Hope these rules will make it easier for you to help your child tie his shoelaces. With your able guidance he will definitely succeed.


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