How to teach your kid to draw

draw1 Drawing is an interesting and creative activity.  Drawing calms the mind and can be a good activity to relax and unwind.  Drawing also helps you to express things that you cannot convey verbally or in words.  It can be a good outlet for expression of your feelings and creativity. 

For kids, drawing can be a funfilled and enjoyable activity.  Many kids can pursue drawing as a hobby and can utilize their time in vacations by learning to draw.

You can begin the process of teaching kids to draw, when they are of the age where they have learnt to hold pencils and have began writing alphabets/numbers.  While learning alphabets, they learn to draw a line, a curve, a circle and so on.  This will help them to draw.

Begin with small geometric figures like circle, square, rectangle, triangle and so on.  Initially you may have to hold the kid’s hand and move it in a particular way to draw the figure.  By doing so, the child will understand the movement that he/she is supposed to make.

You can also use stensils or objects that are of a particular shape, so that the child just has to move the pencil around it and the shape will be formed.  For example, you may use a round/square paper weight and circle the pencil around it.

You can also teach the kid to use a scale to draw a straight line and then form any figure requiring just straight lines.

When the kid has picked up the skill of forming simple figures, you can move to a bit complex figures, like bat, ice cream cone, a simple house, a school bag, waterbottle etc, flower pot, fruits etc.

Then you can help the kid to learn to draw by keeping the poster or image in front of him/her.  Since the kid has now learnt the movement to draw figures, he/she will be able to draw pictures looking at object or images; for example, a flower vase, table with a television set, bowl containing vegetables etc.

After this stage, the kid can use his/her own imagination and draw pictures that are formed in his/her mind.


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