How To Teach Your Dog Road Safety

dog2 Pets are volatile animals. They are exuberant, animated, loving, caring, excited, and affectionate. Seldom do we realize that we need to give them the same attention that we give to our own children. Dogs especially are very restless animals. When you are walking your dog without the leash, it may run amok on the roads, either chasing another dog or a squirrel, or even worse chasing a car that has caught its attention.

This can put your dog at risk of being killed on the road. Although all this can be avoided by fastening your dog onto a lead, it will not permanently kill the problem of the dog needing to develop good road manners. The only way out is to provide good training to your dog, so that it can handle itself with ease on busy streets and roads.

Control the dog

When your dog is on a leash, learn to control it. Dogs often pull at the leash in an effort to move forward. The dog owners often let them do it. The dog will now assume that pulling itself forward is a good way to get to things it wants to. The best way to control this behavior of the dog is to take control of the leash. Direct the dog where you want to go, not the other way round. If the dog still insists on resisting the leash-control, then you can go for a longer leash, loosely tied around the dog’s neck.

Dog walking

To teach the dog street and road manners, you need a shorter leash. Make the dog walk alongside you. Navigate through the crowds and oncoming pedestrians. Stop at traffic signals, start when the signal turns green, walk on the zebra crossing and so on. When crossing streets, keep the dog right beside you, and a little in front of you. Using tight leash control, cross the street. By doing this on a regular basis, the dog will also learn this subconsciously.


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