How to Teach a Bird to Speak

Want to teach some words to your cute, little parrot? Though it sounds like a tough job, teaching a bird to speak is that hard a task. You just have to be a little more patient with the little creature. Don’t loose your temper and know the tricks to teach it some easy words. Your bird will surely utter those words. Check out the following tips. These will certainly help you teach your pet those funny words.

Birds generally tend to repeat the words you utter in front of it. So, speak to the bird more often. Utter those words very excitedly so that she catches it and gets tempted to repeat after you. If she is not responding, give her a little time and be patient. In a few days, she will start speaking.

Hold the bird very close to your face while teaching her words. This will help the bird to follow your words better and also to hear the sounds better. Remember, birds can never think and speak. It can only copy your sayings, hearing your voice. So, be very clear while teaching her words.

Repeat the names of your family members more often so that she can remember those. Start by teaching simple and easy words like “good morning’, “good night”, “hello” etc. Go on repeating every word for several times in front of her.

Know the right age of the birds when they learn things easily. Generally it is between 4 months to 6 months of age, when the birds catch your words easily and start speaking. However, t also varies from bird to bird. Some birds are better in learning words.

If you feel tired repeating the words again and again, record some simple words in your voice. Then play the tape again and again in front of the bird. It will very soon learn the words.


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