How to take precautions from conjunctivitis

cjv Conjunctivitis is an infection in the eye.  Many a times it is caused due to infection by bacteria, lack of hygiene and improper ways of caring for the eye.

There are certain precautions you can take to avoid getting sore eyes.  You also need to follow hygienic practices if you have already caught the infection, so that the condition does not worsen, and irritation and discomfort to the eye can be minimized.

Do not touch your eyes with unclean hands.  Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your eyes.  Use an anti bacterial solution for cleaning hands and wipe it thoroughly.  Use wet tissues or paper towels rather than napkins, so that the used napkins do not cause dirt to remain in your hands.

Be patient and careful while cleaning your eyes.  Do not rub the eyes harshly.  If your eye is infected, do not touch it repeatedly.  Avoid any contact with the uninfected eye.  Have a separate napkin or towel for cleaning the eye.  Avoid sharing it with others.  See to it that the napkin/towel is clean and fresh for use.

Wash off the pus carefully.  Use cotton balls dipped in warm water for wiping or cleaning.  You can also add a pinch of salt to water and use it for cleaning.

Use fresh and pure water.  Avoid using treated water or chlorinated water as it may irritate the eye and aggravate the condition.  Avoid going to swimming pools as the water could be contaminated and treated chemically, especially with chlorine.

Keep your house clean.  Take special care to see that the surfaces you touch, like tables, chair or furniture are kept clean and tidy.  Use an anti bacterial solution or disinfectant to wipe it once in a while.

Consult a doctor for treatment, and use only prescribe anti biotic drops.  Do not go in for self-medication.  Check the expiry date on the bottle or tube, and follow the precautions and instructions mentioned.


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