How to take criticism positively

tcr Many of us take criticism negatively.  It does feel hurt or devalued when there are negative comments or reaction about something you have done.  The feeling of rejection may be very disappointing, especially if you have taken a lot of effort in doing the work well. 

Criticism can lead to disappointment and frustration, and can affect your level of confidence in you have in yourself.  It can be demotivating and can kill enthusiasm.  It can also stop you from putting your best effort in future.  To prevent these negative reactions, it is important to deal with criticism in the right spirit.

Do not take criticism personally.  A negative opinion may be towards the work that has been done.  It does not mean that people have a negative view of you as a person.

Remember, nobody gets it right always.  Sometimes you may produce the best work due to your natural aptitude.  However, sometimes, you need experience and constructive feedback from people to develop the best piece of work.

Criticism gives you a chance for improvement.  It shows you the way you can do something better.  Take criticism not as criticism, but as recommendation or suggestion.  You do not have to believe every critical comment.  You can consider them as an advice for improvement.

It will only add to your repertoire of knowledge and experience.  If you imbibe these recommendations, you can raise your standard of work and quality of output.  You can raise the benchmark for yourself and also rise higher in the opinion of people.

Criticism also saves you from falling into the trap of complacency and self-satisfaction.  Complacency may lead you to get stagnated.  There will be no more growth or expansion, neither in your professional nor personal life.  However, a criticism stimulates you to expand your horizons, broaden your perspective and work towards higher goals.


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