How to take care of yourself

tcy Life today is full of stress, pressures, competition, hectic schedules and many commitments.  In an effort to fulfill all our obligations and responsibilities, we stretch ourselves beyond a certain limit.  Constantly exposing ourselves to such pressures can bog us down and harm our physical and mental well-being.

Self-care often takes a back seat in such circumstances.  Friends, colleagues and acquaintances have their own share of problems to take care of, and may not be available in times of need.  Therefore, the task of taking care of ourselves falls on our shoulders.

Fit body and mind are important for self-care.  Regular exercising or following a fitness routine is important.  Allot atleast 30 minutes everyday for physical exercises like jogging, walking, or follow active sports like swimming, cycling, badminton, lawn tennis etc.  Exercises are great stress busters and help in relieving stress and tension.

A healthy diet is equally important for fitness and health.  The breakfast is an important meal of the day.  Include whole grains, cereals, fresh fruit juice and food containing proteins and dietary fiber.

Eat 4-5 small meals throughout the day rather than a single large meal.  Eat light but eat right.  Do not go on crash diet programmes that just reduce your weight but make you feel tired, exhausted and pale.

For mental well-being, practice yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises.  These exercises help in reliving stress, tension, anxiety, improve concentration and bring peace of mind and satisfaction.

Also fine-tune your attitude to changing circumstances, so that you can continue to be in meaningful and fulfilling relationships.  Be honest, and sensitive to people.  Accept people with their limitations and qualities.

Do not get pre-occupied with work and neglect all social relations.  Be a part of family functions, festivals or celebrations at the workplace.  Do not live in extremes.  Balance your professional and personal life.

Take out time for yourself.  Follow your hobbies or pursue new ones.  Meet new people.  Explore new places by going on a vacation.

Do not take yourself and your life very seriously.  Be responsible, but do not be serious always.  Take things in a positive and lighthearted manner.  Be humorous, jovial and cheerful.


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