How to take care of your voice

voice A cultivated and modulated voice is pleasant to hear.  It makes you feel confident and improves your oral communication.  It can enable you to succeeded in tests for voice-based jobs, for example in customer contact services.  You can also participate in singing competitions and follow your hobby to sing. 

Voice can turn hoarse due to many day-to-day factors.  Sudden change in the climate, exposure to extreme hot or cold climate, eating oily food or cold items can also affect your voice.  Certain precautions need to be followed, if you have to maintain your voice.

Avoid taking alcohol or caffeine-based drinks.  Also steer clear of juice and drinks manufactured artificially using artificial colours and flavours.  Do not drink cold juice immediately after exposure to sunrays.  Wait for sometime for your body to cool down and then drink cold water.

Also avoid drinking very chilled water, as it may make your voice rough and hoarse.  Normal water or water cooled in pots can be helpful.  Drink plenty of water, atleast six to eight glasses everyday.

Smoking can have a negative impact on your voice too.  Avoid smoking and also limit the consumption of alcohol.  Do not consume oily, deep fried and spicy food.  Limit the intake of these foods.  Also eats sweets in moderation.

Include food containing vitamin A, E and C in your diet.  Eat more of fruits, green leafy vegetables and whole grains.

Take adequate precautions from dust and micro pollutants, as it may cause throat irritation.  Adequate rest and relaxation is also important.  Exhaustion, stress and tiredness can also affect your voice.

Practising breathing exercises can help in maintaining a well-modulated voice.  Practice deep breathing exercises or certain yoga chants for developing a soothing and smooth voice.

While practicing singing, use a comfortable pitch.  Do not try singing on a high octave instantly.  Allow time for your vocal chords to develop before you take to high pitch singing.  It is also advisable to use a mike or microphone so that you know your pitch exactly and do not put additional pressure on your vocal chords.


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