How to take care of your skin after forty

frty1 Eternal youth is something which mankind has cherished since ages. But when you become older the glow of your skin has become diappeare.The age reflects on your skin. When you are young you don’t need to take care of your skin as you have to do when you are become at your late 30s or early 40s.

Wrinkles have appeared in your forehead, around eye, hands etc. Skin looks dull and rough. Using expensive skin care products do not automatically turn the years back. To rejuvenate your skin and reduces wrinkle all you need to do is to invest some time for its care.

Before starting any thing you need to understand the basic functions of our skin. It consists of three layers

Epidermis: The outermost layer which mainly consists of dead cells and responsible for water proofing

Dermis: the middle layer contains the blood vessels, nerves, glands etc. it is very thick in palms & soles.

Subcutaneous layer: Dermis fibers extend and connected with subcutaneous layer, which in turn attached to the underlying tissues.
Influencing factors behind our skin aging are genetic factors, exposure to sunlight, skin color. Fair skin wrinkle faster than dark skin, because dark skin is protected by increased pigments & lipids.

Avoid direct sun

A major cause of aging of skin is exposure to direct sun. So it is better to avoid direct sun. If you have to go, cover yourself & protect your skin from harmful UV rays to affect collagen fibers and elastin coils in your skin. You must use sun cream before going out.

Balanced diet

You should have balance diet. You should take lots of green vegetables and fruits. Orange, carrot, apricot, broccoli, nuts are all these things which are good to rejuvenate your skin. Try to use vegetable oil which is also good for your skin. Sea food is also good to prevent your wrinkles. Drink as much water as possible. Green tea, fruit juices are also good to prevent wrinkles. Alcohol is bad for skin.


Regular exercise is important for preventing wrinkles in your skin. Exercise increases blood circulation and also contraction of our muscles which helps to keep our skin healthy.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes premature aging of skin. Smoking causes fine lines around mouth, which can damage your beauty.


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